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How does one get into the drug and alcohol treatment center at Freedom House?


Prospective clients must first contact the Freedom House Intake Team for a pre-interview phone screening. This screening is based on the admission criteria, and is conducted to determine if referrals are clinically eligible for the residential treatment program. If eligible, referrals must complete a physical exam and TB testing prior to admission. 


Clients seeking outpatient or Recovery Housing admission can also call the Freedom House Intake Team to be directed to the appropriate personnel.

How long is the waiting list?

There is a waiting list at the Freedom House Halfway House; wait times vary due to the availability of beds and applicable funding sources. The Freedom House Intake Team makes every effort to process those eligible for residential drug and alcohol treatment within seven days.


Waiting times for Recovery Housing programs vary by location – and at times there is no waiting list.


To date, we have not had a waiting list for outpatient services.

What is the length of time that I will be in residential treatment?

Clients entering Freedom House for residential drug rehab or alcoholism treatment have a variable length of stay; the average is 4-6 months.

Can I have a car while in residential treatment?

Clients of Freedom House Halfway House are permitted the privilege of having a car only after successfully completing the first phase of the residential treatment program. 


Clients of Recovery Housing programs are permitted to have cars.


Will I be able to work while I am in treatment?

Securing and maintaining gainful employment is an important part of the drug-alcohol treatment program at Freedom House.   Therefore, all Halfway House clients are required to be employed full-time while staying at Freedom House. 

Will I have my own bedroom in residential treatment?

Upon acceptance into the program, all clients initially share rooms with other clients. This helps to orientate the person to the program, and improve social interaction. The majority of rooms have double occupancy; single rooms are on a limited basis. 

All Recovery Housing programs have single occupancy bedrooms.

Is there a dress code at Freedom House residential treatment?

Yes. Because proper dress and respect for oneself is an important aspect of recovery, we require all of our clients to dress for “recovery success.”

Can I have a cellular phone while in residential treatment?


​No. While we realize that cell phones are an integral part of today’s society, to a person in a residential treatment program they often become a portal to outside temptations. Therefore, no resident is permitted to possess or purchase a cellular phone while in Freedom House residential treatment.  See current exception for COVID-19 pandemic on the homepage

When will I be able to have visitors?

Typically, clients may begin receiving visitors after successfully completing orientation. All visitors to Freedom House; however, are required to participate in the family education program before they will be allowed to visit. See current exception for COVID-19 pandemic on the homepage.


Does Freedom House have a detoxification unit?

No. If required, detoxification must be completed by professionals in a facility that specializes in that type of treatment, such as a hospital, prior to admittance to our residential drug and alcohol treatment program.

Does Freedom House offer counseling?

Freedom House offers individual counseling, group counseling, and educational sessions addressing substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders throughout all phases of the residential treatment program. 


Freedom House Outpatient Services offers group and individual counseling addressing substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders in both traditional outpatient, and intensive outpatient levels of care.

Does Freedom House Halfway House accept people on medications?

Yes, however referrals who are stabilized on any mood altering or psychotropic medications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure they are able to participate in all aspects of programming.


All Freedom House programs accept clients receiving Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

What is the cost of Treatment?

Currently, the cost for our long-term residential treatment (Halfway House) is approximately $100 per day. Funding sources are available for New Jersey clients that qualify. Out of state clients should call regarding a private pay arrangement.


Freedom House Outpatient Services accepts NJ Medicaid, some private insurance, and some grant funding is available.  Freedom House Outpatient Services will not turn away a referral due to a lack of funding.


The costs for Recovery Housing programs vary, and some grant funding is available; please call for rates by location.


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