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Public Announcement RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

February 2024


The following is the most up to date information regarding Freedom House services in relation to COVID-19 and the Coronavirus pandemic:


PERSONNEL:  All staff at all Freedom House programs and locations are encouraged to be vaccinated, but vaccination is no longer a requirement for employment.


HALFWAY HOUSE SERVICES: The Halfway House continued to operate at full capacity throughout the pandemic; Halfway House Services including parallel care, MAT, and other services provided by medical staff (through Freedom House Outpatient Services) are being provided. Halfway House clients continue to have permission to have cell phones in the program to stay connected with their Sponsor/network and to access online resources.   

All admissions to the Halfway House level of care must be vaccinated. 


Freedom House has lifted all previous restrictions on visitation; visitation is subject to established guidelines at the Halfway House program, but there are no longer any COVID based restrictions. 


OUTPATIENT SERVICES: Traditional Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Services including MAT and other services provided by medical staff are being provided. Some services may be provided via telehealth as appropriate.  All outpatient staff members are vaccinated.

Outpatient clients are encouraged to be vaccinated, however vaccination is not required in this level of care.


RECOVERY HOUSING:  All Recovery Housing Programs are running at capacity.  All Recovery Housing staff members are vaccinated.                                                                                  

All new admissions to Recovery Housing must be vaccinated.    


Recovery Court: As Recovery Court sessions have resumed in-person, Freedom House Halfway House clients are once again being transported to attend court in-person as appropriate.  Recovery Housing clients are required to comply with hotline, urine screens, and any other activities mandated by Recovery Court (including attending court if in session).


Recovery Support Meetings:  All clients in all levels of care are attending in-person Recovery Support meetings.  Clients may continue to access online Recovery Support Meetings such as Zoom and other platforms, pod casts, and recovery support apps to supplement in-person meetings in the community. However most in-person meetings have opened up, and clients are once again active in these services in the community.  


Recreation: Freedom House clients are able to participate in recreational activities on the grounds of the program and in the community; all prior restrictions have been lifted.

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