Transitional Living Programs for Women


The transitional living program for women at Freedom House, “The Family Afterward” is a unique and innovative model.  The Family Afterward provides transitional housing with Case Management services with a focus on recovery and family reunification.

Typically women enter the residence after completing long-term residential treatment.  The case manager oversees every facet of her integration back into society, including engagement with recovery support in the community, working with the courts toward family reunification, teaching and fostering life skills, budgeting and saving, and ultimately transitioning to independence and self sufficiency.

Our greatest achievement to date has been our ability to successfully address the number one problem for mothers who have completed long term drug rehabilitation and/or alcoholism treatment, which is the loss of their children. In fact, since its founding, The Family Afterward has reunited over 400 children with their mothers and instilled the Faith, Hope, and Trust needed to face each day with renewed determination.

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