Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs


Our four innovative model programs include:

  • Long Term Residential Treatment for Men — Based in a halfway house in New Jersey, we provide a comprehensive drug-alcohol rehab program using a variety of evidence based practices in both individual and group counseling, which includes life skills.
  • Transitional Living Programs for Men — Clients reside in home-like settings and live with a small group of other men as they prepare to integrate back into society.  The structure of the transitional home is designed to further stabilize clients in the early stages of recovery. Residents function as a family, sharing responsibilities and being accountable to each other, and to the program. Services are provided in a safe, healthy, supportive, recovery enhancing environment, and residents must follow the rules and guidelines of the house.
  • Transitional Living Programs for Women and children — Designed for women who are stable in recovery, this program teaches life skills and provides a case manager who oversees their stay and works with the courts to reunite them with their children.
  • Outpatient Services — Our services focus on the treatment of substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. The average length of time to complete any track is approximately 12 weeks. Completion is driven by the needs and progress of the client.
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