Mission Statement

Our Mission: Through recovery oriented services, Freedom House empowers individuals with substance use and co-occurring disorders to live a healthy and independent lifestyle.

At no other time in Freedom House’s 34-year history has our mission to provide addiction services to men and women suffering from substance use and co-occurring disorders been more urgent. The opioid crisis has hit close to home with drug overdoses now the leading cause of accidental death in New Jersey and the rate of heroin overdoses in our State rising to three times the national average. The result is a 700% increase in demand for drug treatment programs as the drug epidemic affects each of our communities.

Recovery can’t wait and our commitment to saving lives and reuniting families is stronger than ever.

In today’s opioid crisis, Freedom House’s treatment and residential recovery programs can mean the difference between life or death for individuals struggling with substance use. We provide environments where people can further stabilize their recovery, maintain their self-sufficiency and once again lead productive lives. Research backs our program approach: The longer a person remains in a supportive care environment, the greater their chances of recovery.

Launching the Growth and Sustainability Campaign

Demand for our program has outpaced our capacity. Our goal at Freedom House is to save lives by affording more individuals the opportunity to participate in sober living, thus increasing their chances of a lifetime of recovery. In response, Freedom House is launching a major Growth and Sustainability Campaign to:

  • Expand with the opening of our newest facility
  • Maintain and preserve our current facilities
  • Increase our programming and services to reach more of those who we cannot now serve and who desperately need treatment and recovery.
  • Strengthen the infrastructure which our clients and organization rely on for such necessities as electronic healthcare records, specialized treatment, transportation and safe, comfortable environments of care.
  • Establish a reserve fund to ensure the organization’s high standards of care, life-saving outcomes and sustainability.
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