George O. Story

Hi my name is George, and I am a recovering addict.

As far as I can remember, even as a little boy, I felt something was definitely wrong with me.

My parents raised me with good values, they provided me with a good education, and lots of love. Looking back as a boy, I was already displaying destructive behaviors that today I understand were addictive behaviors.

The feelings of insecurity, being rebellious towards anyone that didn’t approve of my attitudes, always going against the grain, and being defiant toward my parents.

It seems that from an early age I was unhappy with myself. Growing up always looking to be accepted in the wrong crowds, always trying to fit in. While in high school, I felt I wasn’t part off any group, I was very shy and always thinking less of myself. I wanted to fit in, felt rejection from my peers, until I started experimenting with weed, alcohol and pills. At that moment, I felt that I found what I was always looking for. The drugs seem to give me a feeling of being wanted. I no longer felt less than and while I was high I lost all fears. I didn’t understand that the substances were just relieving that pain of self-acceptance.  Drugs and alcohol, became my world.

For many years, I realized that I didn’t accept who I was. But I had found something that was going to change that feeling. Over the years, my life became a shambles. Unmanageability became the norm. Always jails, institutions and a spiritual death. Using became a way of life. I used to live and live to use. Tried several times to get clean. Several times I stayed clean for a while but when faced with adversity, quickly reverted back to what always eased the pain – the drugs.

My disease progressed quickly. At the end of the road I became an IV Heroin and Cocaine user. Life became meaningless. What at one point eased the pain, drugs were no longer doing that. I wanted to die.

Through the grace of God and a friend I was offered the opportunity to go to Freedom House.  On June 18, 2016 I made the best decision in my life and arrived at Freedom House.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I felt alone and fearful.

In Freedom House was were the healing process started. I was given a chance to completely withdraw from all the toxins that I had put in my body. They provided me with information about my disease and helped me overcome most of my fears. The clinical staff provided me with a recovery plan that helped me with becoming a productive member of society. At completion of the program I was offered the opportunity to move into phase 3 of the program which is living with other men in recovery at the Mt. Kipp transitional house.

In phase 3 I started to put into action all the tools that Freedom House provided me with that helped me one day at a time with my disease. Today I’m living happy, joyful and free from active addiction. I’m living life beyond my wildest dreams. I have a full time job with a large company and I also stay connected with Freedom House by working with the clients on the weekends.  My journey continues, one day at a time.


                                                                               George O.  

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