Structure at Freedom House

structure at Freedom House


Freedom House for men is structured in three phases. The length of stay in each phase is clinically driven.

  • Phase I – highly structured and disciplined. Clients adhere to a strict schedule, have a high level of accountability, a mandated program of recovery, and must demonstrate progress to earn extra privileges. As clients progress through Phase I they are encouraged to become role models for the new men in the program.
  • Phase II  – less structured and disciplined. Clients have more freedom with their schedules and are able to have their own vehicle at the program. In order to “graduate”, a client must have completed all recovery assignments, be employed full time, have at least $1,000 in savings, have secured an approved living arrangement, and be firmly entrenched in a 12-step recovery process.
  • Phase III – transitional living program. Participation in this level of care greatly increases the recovery rate for clients. Transitional homes are peer-driven, which prepares residents for integration back into society.
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