Who We Are

About Freedom House

Freedom House provides long term residential treatment solutions for men with chronic problems in a non-institutional atmosphere. Our home-like settings often act as triggers to memories of better times for our residents, long before the values of Faith, Hope, Trust, and Freedom were overtaken by the decimation of substance use and co-occurring disorders. Freedom House also provides transitional living programs and outpatient services for both men and women.

A Much Needed Service

Freedom House is a very structured, abstinence based treatment program. The demand for our services is high, and we are concerned for these men, especially in light of the current opioid epidemic and the increasing rate of overdose deaths.  In addition, many referrals have a history of relapse and may continue to revolve in the short-term care system without getting the needed services and supports for lasting recovery.

Step by step: our process

The treatment program at Freedom House provides an overall therapeutic process that begins with a “black out” period in which outside contact is very limited.  During this period the client is getting acclimated to the program schedule and working with his primary counselor to develop the treatment and relapse prevention plan.   The treatment plan is customized based on an assessment of all aspects of an individual’s life, including medical and mental health services. Clients are taught job search skills and are assisted in finding employment – often through one of the many affiliations we have with businesses located in close proximity to our halfway houses in New Jersey.

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