Transitional Living Programs for Men


The transitional living programs at Freedom House provide a supportive environment to clients who have completed long-term treatment.

Typically, transitional living programs assist those who have left highly structured institutions, helping them adjust to and re-enter society. Typically, these men are in need of support from peers in recovery, are financially distressed, or would otherwise be forced to live in an environment that is not conductive to sobriety. The structure of the transitional home is designed to further stabilize clients in the early stages of recovery. Residents function as a family, sharing responsibilities and being accountable to each other, and to the program.

Our transitional living program, also known as Phase III for clients completing the halfway house program, also serves to increase the probability that clients will follow up with and complete their outpatient aftercare.  In addition, this supportive environment provides clients the opportunity to successfully develop and practice new skills, and cultivate the Faith, Hope, and Trust needed to sustain his newfound Freedom.

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