Reuniting families – Rita’s story

Franklin Sanders and Rita G.

Rita is 47 years old, and battled with addiction for most of her life.  Ten years ago, after many bouts with jails and institutions, she decided to stop and managed to stay away from drugs and alcohol for five years. But she just wasn’t ready to change her thinking, attitudes and behaviors and she eventually relapsed.

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Tim’s Letter

Dear Friend of Freedom House,


For many years I struggled with the disease of addiction. I used drugs every day despite the many consequences I suffered as a result. I spent a lot of time in jails and institutions because I had no desire to change my direction.

I never wanted recovery. Others wanted it for me. But I had no desire to change my life. My family had always supported me but they were unsure if I wanted to live or die. In the summer of 2012 I was court ordered to enter Freedom House.

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The Rescue of Joe “RocBottom” Rocco

At first it was fun as I gained attention at my cousin’s wedding, sneaking drinks when no one was watching. I got the same attention that I did when I did my little magic tricks. I was 12 years old and got drunk. I can’t remember the rest of the night. The next day I was violently ill and missed a week of school. Never again… I’ll stick with my magic.

A few months later at my brother’s wedding it happened again. This was the beginning of an alcohol and drug diseased life of pain and disappointment.  After 30 years  of  jails, overdoses, losing friends and family,  I was at my last hope of saving my own family, job, and self.

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